Four 1TB USB Flash Drives Tested – Is It Time to Upgrade?

USB streak drives have been omnipresent for almost twenty years now, as they’ve stayed the go-to choice for any individual who needs neighborhood, compact admittance to significant records. They’re actually sold all over (counting chain pharmacies, typically at intensely expanded costs).

Regardless of organizations like DropBox. Google and Microsoft make distributed storage an advantageous and regularly free other option (contingent upon limit).

For some, nearby capacity that you can haul around in your pocket or on your keychain is as yet a superior choice – and quicker. If you don’t have a quick web association on each gadget you use. You may likewise require a USB streak drive to do a clean introduction of Windows 11, particularly assuming you need to sidestep Windows 11’s TPM prerequisite.

In addition, a decent blaze drive can be incredibly difficult to kill

In addition, a decent blaze drive can be incredibly difficult to kill. Throughout the long term, I’ve had streak drives much of the time go through the wash while. stowing away in a pocket and continuing to fill in as though I weren’t so imprudent.

I even drove more than once with my vehicle while in school and it reliably presented everyone. The papers I was chipping away at, notwithstanding a broken and to some degree squashed external shell.

But since these drives frequently appear to work perpetually, and tech organizations are in every case working diligently speeding up and limiting. You could be clinging to a drive that is sadly delayed by the present norms, and too confined to even think about holding every one of the things you should store on it.

To get a feeling of the top-of-the-line streak drive market here in late 2021, we gathered four ongoing blaze drives that guarantee speeds of more than 500 MBps. These drives additionally sport limits that could hardly belong for back when glimmer drives previously became normal.

Every one of the four drives we’re checking out beneath offers 1TB of capacity, albeit in obvious capacity style, you can track down these drives in lesser limits too.

Simply recall, however, to really exploit this sort of speed, you’ll need to plug your crash into a quick USB port. For the best presentation, you’ll require a USB 3.1/3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) port or a Thunderbolt 3/4 port which likewise joins quick USB.

Note that the majority of the drives tried underneath still game USB-An attachments, so you’ll require a connector or some likeness thereof assuming you need to plug them into a Thunderbolt or USB-C port, despite the fact that Kingston’s DataTraveler Max drive has a USB-C fitting.

That is great for current frameworks, however at that point obviously you’ll require a connector for that drive any time you really want to plug it into something that just has USB-A ports something significant to note about the Kingston DataTraveler Max, however, is that it has a quite genuine plan defect – basically, for most DIY work area clients, the top piece of the plastic shell slides forward to cover the USB-C fitting when not being used.

Yet, its thickness is an issue for usefulness: Even with the USB plug completely broadened, the edge of the lodging blocks the drive from completely connecting to most back USB-C motherboard ports, which will quite often be somewhat recessed to account for the IO cover plate.

We gave this drive a shot with the backports of three unique motherboards from Gigabyte and Asus, and the Kingston drive would not connect far enough to any of them to work.


Note that this isn’t an issue with USB-C ports on the facade of most PC cases, however, those ports don’t will quite often be the speediest of choices (albeit this relies upon the case and what the header is associated with on your motherboard). Furthermore, connecting the drive to our USB-C PCs wasn’t an issue all things considered.

1TB USB Flash Drives Tested

For testing purposes, we popped the highest point of the DataTraveler Max’s lodging off, which is quite simple utilizing a fingernail and the drive worked fine and dandy that way. Yet, this is a faltering plan blunder on Kingston’s part since most work areas just have a quick USB-C port on the back.

At any rate, you might need to get a USB-C-to-USB-A connector, which will tackle this issue just as allowing you to plug the crash into any of the numerous USB-prepared gadgets that actually do not have a Type-C port through and through.

  • Loyalist Supersonic Rage Prime 1TB
  • Nationalist Supersonic Rage Prime 1TB
  • Loyalist Supersonic Rage Prime 1TB

Loyalist’s grandiloquently assigned Supersonic Rage Prime is really the littlest drive of our 1TB pack, at 2.05 crawls with its USB-A port withdrawn, and it stands out at 1.5 creeps from your USB port when connected it’s comparatively smooth in different aspects too, at 0.82 inches wide and 0.39 inches thick. Its white plastic shell additionally feels more strong than different contenders, however, the plastic is smooth and gleaming.


Nationalist rates the Supersonic Rage Prime at up to 600 MBps read speeds, however, doesn’t make reference to composes. Besides the 1TB model we tried, the Supersonic Rage Prime is presented in 250 and 500GB limits also, and ships with a five-year guarantee.

As far as value, the 1TB model is $150 on Amazon, or $170 on Newegg, landing emphatically in the center of this drive pack on cost. Like the vast majority of different drives here, it additionally has a circle at the back for interfacing the drive to a keychain. Also, this is actually the main drive here that feels little enough for that to be sensible.

  • Group C212 Extreme Speed USB 1TB
  • Group C212 Extreme Speed USB 1TB
  • Group C212 Extreme Speed USB 1TB

Group’s C212 Extreme Speed USB drive is ostensibly the most conventional-looking glimmer drive of this bundle, with a pleasant red button utilized for withdrawing and expanding its USB-A port. The matte-plastic dark shell, however, feels somewhat modest for a superior gadget

What’s more, this isn’t helped by the clatter that can frequently be heard when dealing with the drive It appears to be the interior drive component and USB plug don’t fit very as cozily in the external shell as they ought to. It’s fine it simply doesn’t feel incredible considering the drive is $155 on Newegg or $170 on Amazon in the 1TB limit we tried.

Group rates the C212 for up to 600 MBps peruses and 500 MBps composes and incorporates a five-year guarantee with the drive, which can likewise be gotten in 256GB and 512GB limits. At 2.61 inches long, 0.81 inches wide, and 0.42 inches thick, this drive is genuinely reduced, yet bigger than the Patriot drive while feeling undeniably less strong.

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