God of War Fan Art Gives Kratos An Egyptian Design

In a new piece of God of War fan art, Kratos is depicted without his customary Greek clothing, instead of drawing influence from another pantheon of gods if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the God of War franchise’s ever-growing roster of fan art is proof that the brand has cultivated a passionate following.

A recent piece of fan art takes a step farther than simple flattery by envisioning protagonist Kratos embarking on a voyage to a completely different continent.

God of War Fan Art Gives Kratos An Egyptian Design

This newest artwork, submitted to Reddit by user Buffybumcheeks, reimagines Kratos as if he had abandoned the Greek pantheon of the original God of War in favor of the new Norse mythologies of the most current game the fan art, like the remake featured in the 2018 game, does not rewrite the character’s origin tale but merely places him in a position of wearing clothing from this historical area.

In this most recent piece of God of War fan material, the designer has recreated Kratos in an outfit inspired by historical Egyptian elements. This adds a new weapon, which certain cutlery fans may recognize as a Khopesh, as well as an eagle on the front of his belt It’s a fascinating design that might have been influenced by an easter egg disclosed in the most recent game, which reveals a relationship between Kratos and other gods of war from other pantheons, including Tyr, who will feature in the future game.

The artwork includes the renowned insignia of the omega symbol wrapped around the letters, which goes beyond simply replacing Kratos’ Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos with a new Khopesh. Instead, an Egyptian-style Eye of Ra wraps around the “of” in God of War, bringing the full picture to this new location beside Kratos.

In addition, the artist has made a similar artwork that inserts Atreus into this Egyptian version of the game, complete with more weapons and a lot more coverage thanks to his new robes.

Kratos has always been the focus of a significant quantity of fan art and other related stuff, dating all the way back to the original God of War. The anger machine remains one of the most recognizable characters in the PlayStation lineup, despite the character altering in the 2018 title and the forthcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

As a result, fan artists will almost certainly have plenty more fodder to create as the series progresses, ideally with the same level of talent as this latest Egyptian Kratos.

God of War is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with a PC version due out on January 14, 2022.

The community reacted enthusiastically to the Halo Infinite campaign video, with many applauding the game’s open-ended approach and improved aesthetics. While the trailer reveals a lot about the campaign in Halo Infinite, one thing that stands out is the new AI companion that will follow Master Chief on his trek across Zeta Halo.

This pilot, who plays a significant part in Halo Infinite’s plot, was initially revealed in the Halo Infinite E3 2019 video while nothing is known about him, fans of Halo Infinite have a notion regarding his function in the game.

The pilot may play the same function as Atreus in God of War, based on the trailers (2018). Given how intriguing Atreus and Kratos‘ chemistry is, Halo Infinite may learn a thing or two from it in order to offer a captivating story experience.

Both Master Chief and Kratos are reserved soldiers who seldom express emotion. Santa Monica Studio, on the other hand, produced an experience with 2018’s God of War that represented Kratos’ transformation from a vicious killer to a responsible parent figure. Much of this change is due to Kratos and Atreus’ spontaneous interactions during their voyage.

Mimir’s boat stories, for example, allowed Kratos and Atreus to communicate and relax around one other. These were some of God of War’s most exciting moments, and they happened organically as you moved from one location to another.

Halo Infinite, like God of War, is a semi-open universe. Players will travel through vast lengths of wilderness in pursuit of enemy encampments, and such natural interactions between Chief, his AI companion, and the pilot might make the adventure even more interesting. Because the pilot and a new AI are joining Master Chief for the first time, there is an opportunity for character development and introductions.

Chief’s past and links to Dr. Halsey, which are mostly detailed in the Halo books, might be revealed through meaningful exchanges among these three.

The installation of Zeta Halo is a mystery in and of itself, and because Chief discovers the new AI there, she may know more about it. As a result, encounters have the potential to delve into Zeta Halo’s history and narrative. These encounters provide players the chance to dig into Halo’s expanding universe in plausible ways.

While organic interactions allow for the exploration of character and planet backstories, Halo Infinite has to elevate the stakes with its characters if it wants to convey an emotional tale. God of War does this by placing Atreus in peril on occasion. Atreus, in comparison to Kratos, is mostly defenseless. As a result, the game frequently places him in perilous circumstances, forcing Kratos to save him.

The opening combat in God of War is a great illustration of what Halo Infinite has to do to properly bring the relationship between Master Chief, the pilot, and his new AI to the next level. Fortunately, the chances of this happening are great, since the Chief will face a slew of fearsome foes.

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