How to Move Your Cursor Without a Mouse in Windows 11

If your mouse and touchpad quit working, or if you’re simply wary of switching between your mouse and keyboard, you may utilize Mouse Keys to move the pointer on your screen by pressing keys on your keyboard.

Contents Table of Contents Keys in Windows 11:

  • How to Enable Them
  • Cursor Movement
  • Item Selection by Clicking
  • Item Dragging and Dropping

Mouse Keys in Windows 11:

  • How to Enable Them

Before you can use your keyboard to move your cursor, you must first enable the Mouse Keys function. To get started, right-click the Start button on the taskbar and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu that displays.

Open the Settings app on your phone

How to control the mouse pointer with your keyboard in Windows 11 Using the Mouse Keys function, this article will show you how to move and click with your mouse pointer using the keyboard instead of a mouse. This is handy if you have a motor handicap that makes using a difficult, or if you have trouble using a touchpad or mouse on your laptop.

NOTE: To utilize Keys, you’ll need a keyboard with a numeric keypad.

A brief guide By using the Windows key + U, you may access the Accessibility settings.
Select Mouse from the drop-down menu second Click or press the toggle switch on the right side of the screen. To turn it, use a keypad to control it.

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