Intelligent automation for a post pandemic era

The post-pandemic economic rebound has begun, apparently overnight, putting pressure on Microsoft businesses to create and implement a winning automation plan. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its AI-infused brother Intelligent Automation must be prioritized by businesses (IA). But how do you respond swiftly and effectively to take advantage of the situation?

IT leaders must face the fact that RPA has yet to scale; that significant resources have been invested in dispersed proof-of-concept programs with no coordinated deployment, and that platform uncertainty is too great.

Intelligent automation for a post-pandemic era

With its recent entry into the enterprise automation market, Microsoft’s constantly evolving Power Platform, which includes Power Automate, offers a complete solution for Intelligent Automation that addresses the issue of scale, provides consistent governance across the enterprise, and migrates prior disparate automation to a cohesive, single platform.

Three critical factors of the proper platform’s power

Scaling automation, according to Forrester, necessitates a new operating model with three key components for success at scale: the right technology ecosystem, the right domain expertise, and the proper automation governance. These components explain the entire solution that Microsoft and Avanade have put together with the support of partners such as Blueprint Software Systems.

 The right technology

The proper IA technology ecosystem combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Digital Process Automation (DPA), as well as the infrastructure, integration, security, and service operations needed to run it at scale. If you want real enterprise-grade scalability for a wide variety of users, go to Microsoft, the most well-known provider of scalable solutions.

Microsoft’s Intelligent Automation is a complete Power Platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, Workflow, Integration, API Automation, and Robotic Process Automation.

It’s a workflow designer and orchestrator in one, enabling intelligent automation across several interfaces with a single, end-to-end platform. Microsoft’s Power Platform, which runs on Azure, delivers automation, intelligence, and orchestration.

Microsoft is also focusing on ensuring that migrating automation platforms to the correct environment is not a capital-intensive process, particularly for firms already committed to Microsoft products. Avanade, Blueprint Software Systems, and Microsoft have worked on an automation migration solution that may assist companies to convert current automation, such as those created on Automation Anywhere, to Power Automate for half the cost of manual migrations.

Blueprint’s automation conversion tool, together with Avanade’s worldwide Power Platform Hub migration services, makes it simple to migrate existing automation to Microsoft Intelligent Automation and provide automation at scale.

The right domain experts

As Forrester points out, having the proper people on hand to assist with automation projects is crucial to success. Avanade’s IA domain knowledge is a comprehensive supplement to a company’s IA domain knowledge Avanade’s worldwide workforce comprises more qualified Azure professionals than any other Microsoft partner,

With over 4,200 automation specialists, 1,000 data engineers, 400 AI practitioners, 300 cognitive service experts, and more certified Azure practitioners than any other Microsoft partner. For over 350 companies, we’ve done over 6,000 automation. Process ownership, design, testing, maintenance, compliance, and change management are all skills that Avanade domain specialists possess.

The right governance

Citizen development and the growing area of automation applications necessitate a well-balanced governance approach that spans the organization and includes strategy, planning, architecture, and project support. The Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit provides a foundation of automation and infrastructure for monitoring, governing, coordinating, and nurturing Power Platform deployments.

Avanade has extensive expertise in customizing the Starter Kit for individual company conditions, as well as implementing strategy, structure, standards, and success indicators.

Overall, we’ve seen a lot of excitement in the industry about automation and its implications for our clients. In a world where in-person work settings are changing, automation that supplement and empower individuals rather than demotivating or replacing them provide organizational flexibility.

Using platform developments to facilitate the spread of AI and Citizen Developers and scale your capacity to intersectProcess automation and business processes Microsoft has wreaked havoc on the automation industry, and now is the moment to assess if you’re getting the most out of your present automation expenditures.

Let us show you how our automation migration jump-start kit can minimize your overall total cost of ownership and put you on the way to attaining intelligent automation ROI in months by refreshing your automation strategy.

You save and earn more

Another advantage of automation is long-term savings, which go hand in hand with effective time management. After all, a lower risk of human error means your company is less likely to make costly mistakes on the road by delegating more of the available effort to computer programs, you’ll only need to pay employees who conduct high-value work, lowering labor expenses dramatically.

You’ll be able to concentrate on other aspects of your organization that require attention, which data analytics services given by other technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) may assist you with your operations and will undoubtedly become more productive and efficient as a result of maximizing your time.

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