New gameplay trailer for the sci-fi thriller from former the Witcher

Starward Industries, the studio behind The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and Dying Light, has released a new gameplay trailer for The Invincible. This new teaser gives us our first look at the impending science fiction thriller.

The Invincible is a science fiction thriller narrated in first-person. In this game, players will assume the role of a space scientist on a dangerous planet on a dangerous planet, you awaken as a space scientist and go on a covert mission to find your spaceship’s missing crew. Your ability to make the proper judgments while uncovering the planet’s secrets, which are much larger than anybody expected, will also be crucial to your survival.

In this game, players will assume the role of a scientist on an interstellar research mission. Players will go on an unusual quest to find their spaceship’s missing crew.

The premise of the game will be inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s legendary sci-fi cult film of the same name. The Invincible will also employ Unreal Engine. However, we don’t know whether it will employ Ray Tracing or DLSS.

Take a peek around and check back for updates!

The Invincible is based on retro-futuristic science fiction literature

Stanislaw Lem’s well-known science fiction novels influenced the Starward Industries game. In The Invincible, we’ll take control of a scientist on an interstellar mission, where we’ll have to make decisions that will change the course of human history on a planet where the only hostile thing isn’t the planet’s living conditions, all while unraveling the planet’s secrets, which are more than anyone could have imagined.

Invincible You’ll be able to play it on Xbox One X/S, PS5, and PC since it was developed solely for next-generation devices. It won’t be available until 2022, so we’ll have to wait.

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