SpaceX delays astronauts’ return due to weather

The International Space Station crew has completed their six-month tenure due to capsule issues, which means astronauts will have to travel in diapers.

SpaceX has postponed the homecoming of four astronauts who have been in space at the International Space Station since April due to high winds off the Florida coast SpaceX has postponed the homecoming of four astronauts who have been in space at the International Space Station since April due to high winds off the Florida coast.

The astronauts were meant to depart the space station on Sunday, with a splashdown planned for Monday AM in the Gulf of Mexico. However, because to high winds, SpaceX postponed the launch to Monday afternoon, with a midnight return to round out their six-month mission.

SpaceX is still targeting a Wednesday night launch for a mission carrying replacement astronauts for the returning crew. The journey was also delayed due to severe weather and an unspecified medical concern with one of the astronauts. Officials said the issue, which they classified as minor, should be fixed before launch time.

Because of worsening weather and an impending deadline to return the capsule from the space station, SpaceX and Nasa switched the launch and landing order last week SpaceX capsules are approved to stay in orbit for a maximum of 210 days. The one that is currently up there is approaching 200 days.

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Early Sunday morning, four astronauts were set to fly on a six-month mission to the International Space Station… While the prediction for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center was near-perfect, the water was churning further up the coast due to a huge storm in the Northeast managers decided to postpone the launch on Saturday due to a safety infraction.

In case something goes wrong and the capsule needs to perform an emergency splashdown, SpaceX requires favorable weather all the way up the Eastern Seaboard and across the North Atlantic to Ireland for crew launches.

On Wednesday, the weather is forecast to be more pleasant. Until then, one German and three American astronauts will be stationed at Kennedy Space Center.

This will be SpaceX’s fourth NASA astronaut journey in the last 1 1/2 years, as well as the company’s fifth passenger flight. SpaceX flew its first private trip last month, carrying a millionaire and three companions into orbit.

The launch, which was initially scheduled to send a rocket dubbed Endurance flying beyond the Florida sky on Halloween, has been rescheduled until Wednesday, according to the business and NASA.

“Due to a massive storm system snaking its way over the Ohio Valley and towards the northeast, the northeastern United States this weekend, elevating winds and waves in the Atlantic Ocean, NASA and SpaceX are now targeting 1:10 a.m. EDT Wednesday, Nov. 3 for the agency’s Crew-3 launch to the International Space Station,” NASA said.

“Weather conditions along the ascent route are predicted to improve for a November launch,” the space agency said. to improve for a Nov. 3 launch attempt.”

Elon Musk’s rocket business, SpaceX, has started transporting NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station for six-month stints. The crews also featured astronauts from Europe and Japan’s space agencies.

NASA astronauts Tom Marshburn, Raja Chari, and Kayla Barron, as well as European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Maurer, will be part of the future Crew-3 mission.

Endurance will launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday, and the astronauts will spend the next 24 hours admiring the vistas and preparing for their arrival when the spaceship aligns up with the International Space Station.

Before opening the door that links the station to the spacecraft, astronauts on the Crew Dragon and the ISS will undergo a roughly two-hour sealing and leak-checking operation. Crew-3 will float onto the space station after that. The seven people already aboard the ISS will most certainly swarm around them to welcome them, resulting in a homecoming fraught with wide smiles and upside-down hugs.

Crew-2, the SpaceX mission currently on the ISS, will return to Earth in the weeks after Crew-3’s arrival. The precise date of their return voyage is yet to be determined.

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