Top 10 Most Useful And best Android Apps in 2022

Do you looking for the best android apps in 2022 or do you want to download the best camera app for android but you don’t know which android app is the best so today in this article I am going to tell you about the top 10 best android apps that are popular in the world and you should need to install it?

There are almost billions of android apps available on the play store and all of them are popular and ranked in different categories but the point is that you cant download all of them so that’s why I am here to tell you about the top 10 best android apps that are most popular in their category.


The best application for gamers because by using this application you can live to stream your gaming experience and share it with millions of people in the world this application is 100% free and popular in the entertainment category if you are playing games such as free fire, PUBG or others then use twitch and share your live stream with others.

Open Camera App

I think a camera app that will install on every mobile the name of this app is an open camera, a totally free app it’s very useful and its rating is 4.2 And downloads are 50 million+ From here you should guess not millions, billions of people use it Because it must be something special in installing it in this camera you find a lot setting of audio and video.

You will get features ad settings of many kinds the reason that why we are reviewing this app is, very popular and I especially us it now Goes to setting Here you find audio source lot of people face difficulty if using an external mic, it can’t work in your Android phone So in this app, your problem will solve In it you find audio sources The mic that you connect easily choose here.

That will show here Apart from this, a lot of features you will find in it by using these features you should make your videos and pictures So must download the “Open Camera App” if you wanna use all of their features this is the best camera app for android.


If you love a photo editor or a designer then you will definitely know about Sketchbook is the most popular android app in the category of art and design in this application you can find all of the tools that you need to edit the image you want you can see many types of brushes that help you to create image sketch by using Sketchbook and it can look more realistic so I this android app will helpful for you a lot.


This application is specially designed for android users, when you record a call then an immediate announcement should hold and whoever you’re talking to knows it If you want to record a call silently Talking person can’t be able to know that you make a recording, So install the app the name of this app is “TTSLexx” After installing the app you will easily understand how to use it and get more benefits by using it.

Duolingo app

Duolingo is the most popular application in the education category because by using this application now you can easily learn almost 35+ different types of languages including Chinese, Spanish, and much more.

If you want to learn languages then the Duolingo language learning application will help you a lot you can also tell your children about this application and it can help them to learn the most unique languages in the world in less time by using the Duolingo app.

What The Font

A useful and amazing app for Youtubers, creators, Makers, and photographers If you see something written on anything If you like that writing and font but you don’t know the name of that font Like see this, 4-to-5 fonts are used on it But we don’t know what type of font they are? So you install “What The Font” It will available on both Apple and Android it’s the best and most useful App you will realize after using it

Install and open it And whatever you have just scan it and here it will automatically select the font And whatever you want to select a text from here then click on next, and in a few seconds all types of these fonts will be placed in front of you See this, it has also given the name of this and similar fonts and also tells its types by this way, using this app you will get the full benefit of it so download the application now.

Kiwi Browser

You have used Google Chrome on your Laptop, Pc and Macbook In it you use different types of extensions Like such recover Whatsapp deleted messages If you want to use such extensions on your mobile So you will install “Kiwi Browser” Its rating is 4.2 and downloads are 10 million+ In it you should easily use all type of Google extensions.

Just like us on your laptop, pc or Macbook Similar you should you in you mobile Here you should find thousands of useful extensions Just as I tell you first, deleted messages, video of your WhatsApp Audios and picture, you should be able to recover it easily by using such type of extension Install Kiwi Browser and get benefits from it.


Telegram is the most popular messaging app in the world after WhatsApp in the communication category almost 1B+ people have downloaded the application even more by using other third-party application stores the reason I am telling you about this application is that telegram has unique features that WhatsApp and other messaging apps don’t have when you download it you will realize it.

VLC Player

VLC Player, is very popular, almost all of us using it from Childhood one way it proves to be useful is our Android Phone If you are playing any of Youtube videos, go to share And here, choose to play with VLC when you click here, this video is playing in VLC, and in the menu, you get many options “Play as Audio” You can easily hear your video in audio If you want to close the screen of mobile.

You should also be able to hear you can also get the option of POP-UP Player. If you want to do another work, just short it and then you find the option of Equalizer and Play Back Speed Sleep Timer and Lock And you also get the option of Repeat Mode By this way, playing YouTube in VLC You should easily use all of the features of VLC.

Usage Analyzer

A useful and amazing app for Android users is “Usage Analyzer” Install it, Why it is useful for you? It tells you Which app did you install and when? How many Months, hours, days, and how many seconds you should use it?

How much data it will eat? And how much space does it take in your mobile When and for which Time do you use it? Like this you get many options in it You have an idea that which app you should use the most In which app you should addicted Which app is useful for you and which is not?

That’s it these are all of the applications that you just need to download on your mobile amazing and best apps for Android all of these apps are totally free and without any charges, install and get benefits of it.


I hope this article will help you a lot because you can find information best android apps that are most popular and you need to install them on your phone you can see the detail about all of the top 10 best android apps and then you can easily decide it that you need to use the application or not you can also visit our website to get more valuable content.

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