Top 5 Best Laptops For Students in 2022

Top 5 Best Laptops For Students: Schools and colleges are also reopening now and many students will be needing laptops the problem is, you don’t understand which is the best and cheap laptops and also which laptop is good for you when you go to the market, there will be a lot more confusion laptop-wise there are so many companies and then there are different requirements of people.

So I thought I’d make a video to cater to the requirements and tell you about all kinds of laptops in this article I’ll cover Apple’s Mac, Intel, AMD, and every best laptop for students and also made differentiations with the budget and should be available in the market you can also purchase these laptops online market or offline market easily.

Top 5 best laptops for students in 2022

As you know Apple is the most popular brand all over the world that’s why first let’s talk about Apple’s Mac many people maximum peoples want to use Mac Book and MacOS some people only want to use IOS operating system for those people it’s possible that the cost of apple laptop can increase because IOS is much expensive so for apple users you can find a best IOS laptop bellow.

MacBook Air

Apple’s M1 is being sold at a very good price and you can easily get under $999, it’s a pretty good deal and the most value-for-money laptop from Apple is their M1’s Mac Book Air also has two variants with an M1 chip you can it could be $999 and if you need Apple’s M2 then you need to pay $1199.


  • Then there is Apple’s M2 which is quite expensive.
  • Also, there is a heating issue in M2, so it’s better to go for M1.

Also, they are long-lasting, and even if you take the base version of M1, and so if you think you want your laptop to last for 5-6 years, you can have a look and because it’s on macOS, you’ll have to see first whether your needed software is supported or not if they do work, then you’ll get an overall good experience.

So it’s a pretty good laptop with good performance and it’s the most value for money in Apple’s lineup because apple laptops can be expensive in their technology and quality and so if you have that budget, it could be the best laptop for a student, the battery life is amazing if you have the budget then go with Apple’s M1.

But in Windows, there is a twist in the story and that is everyone can afford Windows laptops and it could be the best laptop for university students there are tons of different options in Windows laptops.

Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook

Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Ultra is in your budget of about $744 USD you must be thinking that a laptop from Xiaomi is a tried and tested product from Xiaomi with improvements in services, but it’s a good combination of lightweight, performance, and thin design.

  • There is a resolution of 3200
  • High refresh rate display.
  • Core i5, 11th generation processor
  • with an integrated graphic card.

So it is capable of handling every day-to-day task and some light gaming and we have 12GB RAM, 512GB SSD with Windows 11, a Fingerprint scanner, and Office 21, all of which are under 1.7 kg weight and for the price point, it’s a very good laptop.

Lightweight, compact with a long battery, perfect for colleges, and with a budget of $744 USD I hope this laptop can be your best budget laptop for students and online workers.

Asus Nitro

Now is the time for some gaming laptops I’m sure many of you will ask for a gaming laptop and so Asus Nitro is a very good option this laptop has a most powerful processor with some extra features that you can see below.

  • 11th Gen i5 processor,
  • 144hz display,
  • GTX 50 system graphic card
  • 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD,
  • At almost 2.2kg.
  • PRICE: $760

On this one, you can do gaming, and also a little heavy gaming even, and if your work swings in the designing kind of work, then it can handle that task quite effortlessly.
overall, with the budget, this laptop becomes a pretty good deal.

Ideapad Gaming 3

In AMD, we have Lenovo’s Ideapad Gaming 3 we also see a GTX1650 processor and that’s good no high refresh rate display on this laptop but, since it comes from a brand like Lenovo where after-sales service, is good, this laptop has a special look and features that you can’t see in any other laptop.

You also know that Lenovo is improving their laptop quality so they can better perform in gaming, this laptop price is $721 that’s a good thing too, and if in case you want an extremely thin and lightweight and still powerful Windows laptop then this laptop is also a good option for you or bellow you can find some new laptops.

Acer Swift

We have Acer Swift, with a 14-inch display, Intel Evo platform, with an 11-generation processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, it’s a very good laptop and overall in the theory light we get an overall good package also, it has been priced very well you can easily get this laptop in $653 get a high-quality laptop in that amount.

  • 500GB SSD
  • 8GB Ram
  • 11th generation
  • LPDDR4X memory type
  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • PRICE: $653

We also have some other options for you we are here to give you the best and most affordable laptops that can be really good quality and within your budget for you see some more laptops below.

Asus VivoBook S14

We also have Asus VivoBook S14 with an i7 processor with a 14-inch display, and it’s made for those who want strictly a high-performing laptop so Asus VivoBook is in fact, quite good and if you want a decent performance at a low price, then RealMe Book is good.

its i3 and i5 versions are both quite good quite balanced, lightweight, and sleek. and RealMe laptops overall provide a very good deal and if you want a very good laptop for a budget of $699, then we have Asus VivoBook with OLED display,

Asus VivoBook S14 Price: $699 USD

You can have a look at that and in their new K Series, n specifications we get i3, it is very good for basic work but with an OLED display, I’ve checked the OLED display, and it’s good, it’s very bright, but if you want an OLED display, then its the best compared to the competition.

Asus VivoBook 14

it’s the Asus VivoBook 14 you can get a 14-inch display, i3 processor, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, and under $616 USD, it’s a great laptop, a very powerful laptop that’s what they are about so we have talked about almost every kind of laptop there is in the market, and you can go for any of these laptops, they are quite good in their respective categories.

Asus VivoBook 14 Price: $616 USD

You can also go for other brands as well, but these ones are quite easily available online, plus you are getting value for your money in all these laptops there are vague recommendations here, just crystal-clear options for you I hope you will like one of the Top 5 Best Laptops For Student in 2022.


Which laptop brand is best for gaming?

Acer swift and Ideapad 3 is the best budget gaming laptop for you can also see full detail in our website easily and then decide it.

Best laptop for university students in 2022?

Apple mac book M1 and Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Ultra is the best choice for you if you are a student then these laptops are best for you.

best budget laptop 2022?

Asus VivoBook 14 and Asus VivoBook S16 can be your best budget laptop by seeing performance you can study and play games easily.

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