WhatsApp Will Not Work On Some iPhones from October 2022

WhatsApp is the most popular social media messaging app used by billions of people and almost this application is prevalent in every country Instagram and Whatsapp are the project of Facebook’s parent company META.

According to META: All iPhones are not compatible with using the instant messaging app WhatsApp on their phones it would simply start operating on iPhones that have iOS 11 and iOS10.

You need to understand that for some months WhatsApp has been changing its privacy policy or updating to give the user the best experience with their service that’s why WhatsApp will no longer work on some devices like iPhone which include iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c that are still running that operate on iOS10 and iOS11.

Below you can find the official WhatsApp help page link and information about the phones that can’t compatible with running WhatsApp you can easily read and see all of the information on the official help page of WhatsApp.

If you have these iPhone devices then, for now, WhatsApp will work appropriately in this divide but on some days after 24 October 2022 you can’t use WhatsApp on the such device and if anything goes wrong you will be notified by instant messaging WhatsApp.

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